Rescue & Rehoming Services for Italian Greyhounds in Western Australia

The Italian Greyhound Club of WA Inc offers assistance with rescue and rehoming of Italian Greyhounds in Western Australia. We can offer a prompt pick up service throughout the Perth area, temporary shelter in kennels run by an experienced Italian Greyhound breeder and place the dog in safe loving foster care until a permanent forever home is found.

IGCWA have a list of people interested in adopting adult Italian Greyhounds, we will vet every applicant and ensure they are serious about adoption. We will match pets to suitable new owners, visit potential new homes and take care of any vet checks, desexing and treatments needed before adoption.

If you need to rehome your Italian Greyhound or you know an Italian Greyhound that is in need of rescue please get in touch
email us.

Kola's Story

Early in 2016 we joined IGCWA and stated our interest in fostering should any Iggy’s require rehoming. In September 2016 we were approached by the Club regarding a little 5 year old boy called Kola.

Due to the introduction of rugrats in his current home he was struggling to accept that he was no longer the most important baby in the house. His fur parents made the heartbreaking decision it was in Kola’s best interest to be rehomed. They requested a home with other Italian Greyhounds and preferably a poodle as he had a poodle sibling in his current home. Lucky for us we fit the criteria as we have 2 iggys, Josie & Daphne and a poodle, Gollster.

Kola came into our house and straight away made himself at home or should I say he had us all running round after him! The girls both adore him and are always flirting with him as they each want to be the most favoured! From day 1 he slept in our son’s bed with the other 2 IGs. After 2 days we knew that we were the most rubbish foster parents as there was no way we were giving him up and he was our boy and here to stay

The IGCWA were amazing and supported us throughout the process, they completed all the paperwork and provided assistance when needed.

Thank you for giving us our 2nd fur baby boy.

Hershey at a recent IGCWA play date, August 2014.

Hershey at a recent IGCWA play date, August 2014.

Rehoming Hershey

Hershey came into the Italian Greyhound Club of Western Australia’s care at one year of age. He was very underweight but despite this, he was in good spirits. His tiny little body needed help, his personality and temperament did not. Hershey managed to put on almost 300 grams during his first two weeks! His vet checks came up positively encouraging and we knew he would have no problem finding a new forever home and we were right!

Hershey now lives happily with his human family and two rescue Greyhounds in Perth.

Beautiful Ginny in her new home, August 2014.

Beautiful Ginny in her new home, August 2014.

Rehoming Ginny

Ginny came into the Club’s care when she needed a new forever home. Our rescue officer’s quickly discovered what a beautiful old lady she is and knew Ginny would be a wonderful companion in a loving home for a long time yet. Ginny was found a home where she lives with her human mum and a young italian greyhound for company, she has adjusted well to this big change in her life.

The rescue and rehoming of these precious Italian Greyhounds is only possible because of the generosity you impart when you participate in our fundraising initiatives. We sincerely thank you for your support.
Lily and Nora

Lily and Nora

Rehoming Lily and Nora

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